Behavioral Counseling

An ideal solution for Mental Health organizations that provide Medicaid reimbursed services and are submitting claims via HCFA 1500 or clearinghouses.

A software package that has all the features needed to easily prepare, submit claims and track their payment. From original claims to resubmits and adjustments HALO's Electronic Medicaid Billing does it all.

You may record all services provided to all clients. You can only bill Medicaid BUT you can get the reporting you need to bill your non-medicaid services PLUS many of the reports needed to manage your business.



Medicaid Electronic Billing quickly pays itself with reduced costs and since it is a one-time charge it dramatically limits the increase of operational costs that are typically experienced as your business expands.

This one time cost is usually offset by the one-time cash flow improvement and, in most cases, is paid back by reduced costs of claim submission and elimination of clearinghouse charges.



Client - The client information required for claim submission, e.g. name, address, Medicaid ID, gender, date of birth, payer, prior authorizations, etc. is simply entered or updated as needed. Additional information such as client referral sources, may also be entered and maintained. All information is entered once and reused each time you submit a claim for services and is available for analytical reporting.

Counselor - Basic information is entered about each counselor, e.g. name, professional level (bachelors, masters, clinical, mentor, etc.) and license.

Recording Services - Services are entered as provided - date, amount of time, counselor and optionally comments regarding the service.

Medicaid Billing - The process requires only a few steps. This simple-to-use process involves a quick review of the completeness and accuracy of service information. A "Check for Data Problems" feature assures that the information required for Medicaid exists and complies with Medicaid rules. Once the data is accurate a simple click of a few buttons results in the creation of the claims file which is ready for transmission to Medicaid. In addition:

Accounts Receivables - These may be tracked within HALO. The function includes the typical features of most Accounts Receivable packages including: Cash Receipts and Aging Reports, Credit Memos and revenue write-off.

Rates, Procedure Codes, etc. - This information is pre-loaded in HALO. You have the ability to add new payer programs and update rates as they change. It is not necessary to be concerned with entering the proper rate and procedure information when you bill. HALO uses stored information to automatically determine the coding needed for each billed service.

Several types of reports are available. Among them are: Open Receivable, Invoiced Claims, Client lists, and Referral reporting, and counseling reporting by client, counselor and payer.

Additionally, with minimal training and, if required, with assistance from our support staff, you can create your own customized reporting to meet any unique needs.