Homecare Systems, Inc. is dedicated to bring the highest level of service to our customers before, during and after an implementation.  First, you will find that HCS provides the greatest value for dollar spent of any health care system company.  Second, we provide a potential customer with several options for bringing HALO into your business.  Third, we provide a "real person" help desk to assist with any possible problems or even to help customers that are a little "confused" with their first automated invoice submission.

Purchase Options

All HALO modules can be purchased "off the shelf" for the full purchase price.  For agencies that require it, payment and lease plans are available.

Support Options

All HALO modules are guaranteed and come with a free support period to cover implementation to first successful process run. A support agreement is available.  The support agreement not only covers software problems but required government changes, customized reporting assistance, etc.  For those not wishing to purchase the support agreement, help desk services are always available on a time and material basis.  We use remote linking software, like PC Anywhere, to enable us to correct problems with programs or data without the need of on-site technical repairs.

Service Availability

While all HALO modules are designed to the needs and requirements of average health care agencies, we recognize that some agencies are unique in their way of doing business.  For those customers with unique needs, HCS offers technical services to modify HALO modules to meet those needs.  We also supply technical resources to develop customized reporting and interfaces with other systems.  Depending on the complexity and scope of the changes, these services may be covered by the support agreement or will be billed on a time and material basis.