HALO’s scheduling module provides for the scheduling of services.  These schedules are used by HTCallSys to verify telephone logging and they are the basis for verification of services, billing and payroll processes. 

Scheduling is built on a Master Service Plan concept.  Service schedules are entered once into a master plan – client, aide, day of week, start and ending times, payers of the services, type of service and first date services will be provided.  This information results in the automatic generation of daily schedules through the end of the next month.  At the beginning of each month daily schedules are automatically created for the next month.

Aide Availability look-up enables coordinators to view existing aide schedules at the click of the mouse.  A selected aide’s detailed schedule, assignment preferences and day’s travel pattern are available each with just another click of the mouse.

Availability can be used while filling an open daily schedule or building a Master Service Plan.  Once an aide is selected, the process begins to create the schedule for the coordinator to complete.