Electronic Visit Verification  (EVV)

A “state-of-the-art” electronic visit system. Includes an interactive response (IVR) function and a Mobile APP (EVVLogging) methods for logging.
These methods: 1) interactive voice respone, or IVR system allowing for a wide range of telephony functions.  These function allow aides and nurses to record their visits at clients. The two methods allow aides and nurses to: 1) use their smartpnones (any type) or the client's telephone. An optional feature allow aides to record tasks performed.
Full integration with HALO’s aloows verification of logs against Client, Care Plan, Schedules and Aide information. GPS coordinates or Caller ID is used to verify the location of the aide. while the Calller ID of the telephone verifies the location aide. The full integration with HALO’s allows immediate verification of logging data and real time availability of logging information to office staff.®
A recent Federal Law, 21st Century Cures Act - Section 12006, requires that all Medicaid paid home health aide services be recorded via EVV. Many States have not decided how this will be implemented. Our EVV feature will meet the requirements in those States that decide to allow an Agency EVV choice.