Medicaid Billing

An ideal solution for home health aide agencies that provide Medicaid reimbursed services and are submitting claims via HCFA 1500 or clearinghouses.

A software package that has all the features needed to easily prepare, submit claims and track their payment. From original claims to resubmits and adjustments HALO's Electronic Medicaid Billing does it all.

You may record all services provided to all clients. You can only bill Medicaid BUT you can get the reporting you need to bill your non-medicaid services PLUS many of the reports needed to manage your business




Medicaid Electronic Billing quickly pays itself with reduced costs and since it is a one-time charge it dramatically limits the increase of operational costs that are typically experienced as your business expands.

This one time cost is usually offset by the one-time cash flow improvement and, in most cases, is paid back by reduced costs of claim submission and elimination of clearinghouse charges.  The Accounts Receivable Tracking module is included with this module.