Strategic Partnerships - A Key to Future Growth

Our product vision is to provide software solutions to meet the needs of our customer base. However, "reinventing wheels" is not what we do. Obviously developing our own payroll or accounting software would be foolish when so many options are available. Instead, in most cases, we provide direct interfaces to our client's choice of software.

In a like manner, we look to forge strategic partnerships with some of the premier suppliers of less standard software services needed by our clients. These partnerships allow us to offer solutions to our customers that provide more and greater benefits than the HALO software could by itself. They also provide you, our customers, greater choices and options in managing and growing your own businesses.

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce some of the strategic partners that will help us provide you with the very best services and products to help your business grow and succeed. For further information on these companies, click on the logos below or contact us directly.

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