Charging for Claims Processing

Emdeon, the clearinghouse for all HMO billing, will be changing their charge for processing claims. It's going from NO CHARGE to a flat monthly charge regardless of claim volume. They will bill Homecare Systems and we will have to bill you $35 per month or $32.50 if paid via preapproved credit card.   More info…

We are testing the services of another clearinghouse that will process your claims at no charge. They are able to bill the current HMOs and the new ones - Aetna and Wellcare. Additionally they can process claims for most commercial insurance carriers and for the VA. The service gives you the ability to initate and maintain your account. Currently, these changes have to be done through us and take awhile for them to process. During our testing, agencies found this process fairly easy.

You will be able to keep Emdeon the service you're familiar with and use the free service for payers that don't contract with Emdeon - Wellcare or you can choose to use the free service for all payers. Please email Ken. to let him know your preference to stay with Emdeon and if so will you allow us to process payment via credit card.