Fraud Protection

HALO contains a significant number of checks and crosschecks to assure that claims meet requirements and restrictions. It also has function designed:
- to assure that field personnel are where they are supposed to be when providing services, i.e. telephone logging that matches the call's Caller ID against the client's phone numbers,
- to compare signatures on timesheets,
- to put HOLDS on verification of services during periods when services should not be provided: hospitalizations, vacation trips, etc.
- to provide State License # of service providers (aides) to payers that can accept them.

We are taking additional steps to increase the protection tools an agency can have. Additional reporting, GPS tracking, etc.

If interested on hearing more about the existing or planned tools please e-mail Ken at . He can call you to describe these functions in greater detail or quote the price for any of these features. Additionally, Ken would look forward to hearing your ideas for preventing fraud.