GPS Tracking

In the past agencies have asked us if HALO can automatically generate Travel Directions based on an aide's schedules. During our research for the Mobile Logging APP we found what seems to be free services available. These services would allow us to record the GPS coordinates of a client's or Aide's address and record them into HALO's. Other services would enable us to create travel directions for a specific day's aide schedule. We are looking into developing this capability.

Other uses of this the coordinate information may be:
•   Improve the scheduling process by:
    -   Calculating and providing estimated travel times between visits, and
    -   Search for available aides within the client's vicinity.
•   Improving reporting:
    -   Travel time reports,
    -   Scheduling efficiency reports, and
    -   Aide effective pay rate based on scheduled hours and travel time between visits.

Please consider the possibilities and benefits to you…

Please email Ken at to let him know if you have any interest and what other ideas you may have for using GPS location information about aides, nurses and/or clients.