HALO In The Cloud

Clients and prospective clients have asked, especially after "Sandy" about providing a version of HALO that can be run in the "Cloud". In the past, our investigations have shown it to be an expensive proposition for an agency. Now, we believe that it could be done at a moderate monthly cost.

What does a Cloud version of HALO mean to you?
1) Access to HALO would be limited just as it is today. Each authorized user can access those functions that you give the permission to access,
2) It can be accessed from any computer that has Internet access.
3) User computers do not need a copy of MS Access thus eliminating expense and limitations.
4) 24-7 availability (as long as the user has power and Internet availability). If you don't have either staff can work from any other location that has both.
5) Privacy of data.
6) Full data backups done at the host locations.
7) No change in functionality.
8) No change in software costs.
9) No change in our ability to provide support, modifications, or special reporting.

If this is of interest. Please email