Mobile Logging APP

An enhancement to the Telephone Logging feature. - A new feature under deign will provide an option for Aides and Nurses allowing them to log using their cell phone instead of the client's home phone. The highlights of this feature will be:
•  The caller will connect to an APP on the web not on their cell phone. This will make the feature on any cell phone.
•  It will prompt for the callers ID and a password.
•  Using that information it will prompt for the caller to select from a list of their scheduled visits for today and give them an option to add the client name if the visit is not scheduled.
•  It will record the GPS coordinates of the call and during overnight processing HALO will check to see if the call GPS coordinates are the same vicinity as the client's GPS coordinates. See GPS Tracking.
•  There will be a flat monthly charge of between $6.50 to $7.50 per cell phone for the APP. We will let you know the exact charge as the feature becomes available.
•  Among the benefits:
   - Ease of use,
   Avoid use of client's phone, and
   Advances Freud Prevention.
•  It will be an option. Aides and nurses can still use the client's home phone to log.

Let us know if it is something that may be of interest.

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