Improved Service Verification

Three improvements made to HALO relate to the process of verifying schedules against time sheets. One change makes it process a bit easier and the other two are tools for fraud prevention during the service verification process.

•  A few years ago, at the request of an agency we changed the verification screen to:
  - Allow to select an aide or client on a time sheet from a pull down menu and display last week's schedule. Once the screen is displayed, you can scroll back or forward weeks if you want to verify a different week.
  - Match the time sheet to the schedule and if every scheduled visit was done as scheduled simply select to approve the entire schedule. Other wise you can approve those that were performed as scheduled and change the others to match the time sheet.
•  A few agencies were noticing that a couple of the timesheets submitted had forged client signatures. Wanting an easier method to verify the clients signature, we developed the ability to show the authorized signature on the service verification screen so it can be compared during the as part of the verification process.
• Now Service HOLDS can be placed on clients. The begin date and end date of the HOLD can be entered as soon as someone in an agency hears of a situation that would prevent visits from being performed e.g. the client is hospitalized. It allows you to hold off on update Master Plans and/or Daily Schedules until you know if there are any permanent changes to them and yet prevents an inadvertent verification of any services performed during the HOLD period.

Any one or more of these features are available.

Please email with any questions, to arrange a demo or get a quote.