Remote Logging

HALO has always provided the ability to log client visits by nurses and aides. That design involved the purchase of special equipment, software and incoming telephone lines. In addition, there was the recurring costs of the phone line and 800# service. and their expansion as you grow. One concern with that service was the impacts of equipment, phone or power outages.

Our new Remote Logging provides the same ability to log visits and does it at industry lowest costs. Calls are recorded at a remote site. That site's tercerary back up for power and phone services provides 99% + uptime. Logging information is automatically sync's between you HALO database and the remote logging database.

- Experience the clerical savings by virtually eliminating time wasting, error prone time sheet entry.

- Experience the dramatically reduced opportunity for fraud.

- Show your client caregivers and service payers how you provide a state-of-the art service assurance systems

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